An innovative lab that creates the social and analytics mobile apps
ThinkerTen for Instagram is a photo sharing app with many integrated features (Photo Effects, Collage, Analysis, Messenger & etc).
ThinkerTen for Linkedin is the best 3rd party Linkedin Client for Android for you to build and engage with your professional network. This app generates detailed statistics from Linkedin and visualizes it with a variety of different graph types.
ThinkerTen for Facebook is a fast and simplicity 3rd party Facebook client.
ThinkerTen for Twitter is a beautiful 3rd party Twitter Client with many integrated features.
ThinkerTen for Flick is another photo sharing app with many integrated features.
Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram in a single application. ThinkerTen Social is best way to manage your social networks.
Singapore Traffic is the best app for you to know Singapore traffic situation.
Singapore Weather is the best app for you to know Singapore weather.
Singapore Property app offers you a new way to find out the prices of Singapore private homes.
Singapore News app provides an easy way to read the most popular Singapore news base on RSS feed.